Hannah Kate

Hannah Kate is a poet and short story writer based in North Manchester, UK. Her work has appeared in local and national magazines, as well as in anthologies.  Her work is eclectic in content and tone, and usually inspired by whatever has got stuck in her mind at the time: owls, text messages, medieval poetry, werewolves, mental health…

She is currently seeking representation for her first novel, Yonec, a YA urban fantasy retelling of a twelfth-century poem by Marie de France. Yonec tells the story of a young woman who finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship, only to be offered escape in an unlikely form.

For several years, Hannah was the co-ordinator of Manchester’s Monday Night Group, but she now runs Hic Dragones, a Manchester-based small press and events company.  She blogs here, and reviews books for Monster Librarian.

In her other life, as Dr. Hannah Priest, she is an academic researcher and writer. You can find out more about Hannah’s other life on her academic blog.

Praise for Variant Spelling, Hannah’s debut poetry collection:

Delicate and strong, Hannah’s words beautifully communicate the impossibilities of communication. She explores the subtexts of what we do with our language in ways that will resonate with anyone who finds their own feelings and intents too big for semi colons.

Dominic Berry, Poet

The poems in Variant Spelling evoke a North in revolt; a place of abandoned dyeworks, soot, winter, granite and grease. Through the ‘shifting vowels’ of the title poem they celebrate a world at odds with the imposed culture of the South. It is at its most rebellious in Praise God, where Hannah ‘praises the God of the North’, a place where the ‘air hangs with burning witches’.

Rosie Lugosi, Poet and Performer

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