Hannah Kate

poet, short story writer and editor based in Manchester

Short Stories

‘Delivery’, in The Fourth BHF Book of Horror Stories, ed. by Darrell Buxton (BHF Book of Horror Stories, 2021)

‘Planning Permission’, in The Black Room Manuscripts Volume Four, ed. by J.R. Park and Tracy Fahey (The Sinister Horror Company, 2018)

‘Dust to Dust’, in The Spooky Isles Book of Horror, ed. by Andrew Garvey and David Saunderson (Dark Sheep Books, 2018)

‘Log’, in The Darkest Midnight in December, ed. by Storm Constantine (Immanion Press, 2017)

‘Ill Will’, in Werewolves Versus the 1990s (Aug 2015)

‘Nimby’, in European Monsters, ed. by Margrét Helgadóttir and Jo Thomas (Fox Spirit Books, 2014)

‘Idle Hands’, in Noir Carnival, ed. by K.A. Laity (Fox Spirit Books, 2013)

(As editor)

Nothing (Hic Dragones, 2019)
My story ‘Trap Street’, a weird tale about maps and traps, appeared in Nothing.

Into the Woods (Hic Dragones, 2017)
My story ‘Knotweed’, a creepy story set in urban parks and woodland, appeared in Into the Woods.

Hauntings: An Anthology (Hic Dragones, 2014)
My story ‘Lever’s Row’, a weird tale about Manchester and its history, appeared in Hauntings: An Anthology.

Impossible Spaces (Hic Dragones, 2013)
My story ‘Great Rates, Central Location’, a weird tale about a budget hotel, appeared in the Impossible Spaces anthology.

Wolf-Girls: Dark Tales of Teeth, Claws and Lycogyny (Hic Dragones, 2012)
My story ‘Sender: Shewolf’, a cyberpunk-inspired morality tale, appeared in the Wolf-Girls anthology.



(writing as Hannah Priest) ‘Unravelling Constance’, in Dark Chaucer: An Assortment (Punctum Books, 2012)

Variant Spelling (Hic Dragones, 2011)

‘Songs on Stone’, ‘Still Sleeping’ and ‘Dinner’, in Transparency, ed. by John Siddique (Crocus Books, 2005)

Individual poems have appeared in Obsessed with Pipework, The New Writer, Orbis, The Ugly Tree, Dandelion Arts Magazine, Pipeline and Rain Dog.


Under the name Hannah Priest, I’ve published essays, reviews and journal articles, and have edited academic collections. For more information about these, please visit my academic blog.