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North Manchester FM: Hannah’s Bookshelf, Saturday 1 May, 2-4pm

Join me on Saturday at 2pm on North Manchester FM for more News, Reviews and Short Interviews on Hannah’s Bookshelf. Here’s what’s coming up on this week’s show…

An interview with Kim Bannerman I first interviewed Kim back in November 2016. Kim writes novels, short stories, podcasts and screenplays from her home in Cumberland, BC. Her work has appeared in anthologies like She’s Shameless (Tightrope Books, 2009), Girl at the End of the World (FoxSpirit Press, 2014), In the Company of Animals (Nimbus Press, 2014), and When Birds Are Near (Cornell University Press, 2020). She is also the author of nine novels, including the modern fairytale The Tattooed Wolf (Hic Dragones Press) and The Blackwood Papers (FoxSpirit Press). And in case you’re curious, Kim’s Apocalypse Books selections were Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson, Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson, and A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa and Murray Silverstein.

A review of a book by Ian Taylor I’ll be talking about All Sorts of Things Might Happen: The Films of Jenny Agutter, a new book by Ian Taylor (available now from We Belong Dead).

A review of Godzilla vs. Kong I’ll be reviewing the monster movie everyone’s talking about (available to watch now).

And What Are You Reading?… the section of the show where I ask writers about the books they’re reading at the moment. This week I’ve got another selection of reviews and recommendations. And if you’re a writer who’d like to take part, check out this post with details of how to join in!

Plus… you can hear my round-up of news from the World of Words. If you’ve got a news story you’d like to share, please use the News Form to submit it to the show. For review requests, please get in touch via the Contact Form.

Catch Hannah’s Bookshelf on Saturday at 2pm on 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area) or listen online (if you’re further afield).

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