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North Manchester FM: Hannah’s Bookshelf, Saturday 6 August, 2-4pm

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Join me on Saturday, 2-4pm, for Hannah’s Bookshelf on North Manchester FM. This week, my guests will be the brilliant Martin Gittins and Bob Ashworth (aka Bunting and Frolics).

Bob and Martin were active individually on the local folk music scene for many years, but then they came together to form the duo ‘Bunting and Frolics’, cleverly doubling their repertoire to a stunning seven (7) songs! As Bunting and Frolics they have been getting away with their so-called ‘act’ for over two decades, thus proving that you CAN fool all of the people all of the time!

For many years Martin ran a successful folk club at The Star Inn, Salford, and, at the same time, Bob ran a failing second-hand stall on Conran Street Market. Lately, they have been involved in various projects commemorating the Peterloo Massacre, including a performance piece entitled ‘Peterloo – Soldiers On The Rampage’, in which they are joined by the writer of the work local folk leg-end Geoff Higginbottom.

Martin has a deep interest in local history, whilst Bob has a deep interest in gin.

We’ll be talking about local history and the Peterloo Massacre (including this year’s commemoration events), and (if I’m very lucky) Bunting and Frolics will be playing a few songs on the show. And of course, I’ll be asking Bob and Martin to share their selections for Apocalypse Books.

Tune in on Saturday at 2pm on 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area), or listen online (if you’re further afield).

Missed the show? You can catch it again here:


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