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North Manchester FM: A Helping of History, Tuesday 24 September, 12-2pm

Join me on Tuesday at 12 for another Helping of History on North Manchester FM. This week, I’ll be talking about those notorious figures of Manchester’s history: the scuttlers.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, gangs of young lads (and lasses) terrorized some of the poorer areas of Manchester, committing acts of violence and vandalism (and even murder) as part of a territorial gang conflict. Known as the scuttlers, these gangs were known for their distinctive dress and particular use of weapons. Although gangs of scuttlers were active in various parts of Manchester and Salford, Rochdale Road (and the areas between Rochdale Road and Oldham Road) was a key territory for scuttlers. Lots has been written about the scuttlers and their place in criminal history, but I’ve never talked about this bit of North Manchester history on the show… until now!

This week’s show will look at a selection of reports of scuttling activity around the Rochdale Road, and the way the popular press responded to it. What does this tell us about the scuttlers? And, perhaps more interestingly, what does this tell us about the world in which they operated? Find out more about these gangs of rough young people, their crimes and some of the proposed solutions on the show.

In addition to this little look at scuttling on the Rochdale Road, I’ll also be taking my usual look through Yesterday’s Papers.

Catch the show on Tuesday at 12 on 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area) or listen online (if you’re further afield).

Missed the show? You can catch it again here:


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